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Every day is a good day to thank U. S. First Responder for their service, their sacrifice, and  their courage. Use the form below to identify the First Responder you are thanking and to identify yourself.  Please provide only the First Responder’s Name and their Employer.  For confidentially purposes, do not include the First Responder’s contact info or their address. Please email one to three photos of the First Responder if you can to

First responders are the first to arrive and help at emergency scenes, such as vehicle accidents, natural disasters, or even terrorist attacks.  Individuals who work as first responders must obtain certifications and receive specialized training.  Collectively, this group is the backbone of safety and security in our society.  The Homeland Security Act of 2002 defines first responders as individuals who protect life, evidence, property or the environment during the early stages of an emergency ( Fire fighters, law enforcement personnel, medical personnel, utility workers and public health professionals are examples of first responders. 

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