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Two online thrift stores, which donate 100% of their revenue to the nonprofit We Can Be Heroes Foundation, are offering sales with 10% off and free local delivery during Labor Day week, from Sept. 7 through  Sept. 12.

The all-volunteer We Can Be Heroes Foundation Online Thrift Shop can be accessed at the We Can Be Heroes Foundation website, Another all-volunteer thrift store  donates 100% of its sales to the local nonprofit and is matching the offer.  Visit the shop at for the same offer of10% off and free local delivery Labor Day week.

New and gently-used, tax-deductible merchandise is donated by the public to these shops daily to support homeless veterans and the mission of the 501(C)3 We Can Be Heroes Foundation.  Shop these online stores for bargains, while your purchases further the foundation’s mission.

The We Can Be Heroes Foundation publicizes Americans’ courageous acts and honors Veterans and unsung heroes.  In addition, it hosts educational forums to promote American history and values, and helps Veterans and those in need.  It also offers discount, business and help directories for the heroes served and the people who support them.  For more information, visit

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