Curtis Bennett

CS Bennett is a decorated war veteran, author, radio host, speaker, and columnist for several national online news journals.  To inquire about availability and fees, please email or call 386 972-3300. TOPICS OF INTEREST The Historical Ties...

CAPT Ryman Shoaf, USN, Ret.

Retired Navy Captain Ryman Shoaf is a former National War College instructor and radio host.  He is a frequent Keynote Speaker, Event Speaker, Radio Guest, Class Instructor, and Emcee at a variety of events and for military honors.  To inquire … Read the...

Frankie Anderson

Frankie Anderson, nationally-known lecturer, and educator conducts Seminars on the United States Constitution, the American Revolution, Thanksgiving in America, and The Rise of the Saracens.   Well known for the Three-Hour Crash Course:  How to Preserve, Protect and...

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