Past Events

Movie of the Week February 11, 2024

Stop Using Western Values to Understand Islam. Click here to watch.Western thinking will never work to defeat the attacks occurring and being planned by the rules and goals of Islam. It’s time to know our enemy if
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Movie of the Week February 4, 2024

The Four Chaplains – Click here to watch free on YouTube – 37 minutes.

As the World War II USAT Dorchester went down on February 3, 1943, four Chaplains of different faiths (Catholicism, Judaism, and Protestantism), made the Read the rest

Movie of the Week Jan 28, 2024

Lives on the Line – Click here to watch free on YouTube.

Short video about an Afghanistan war veteran, suffering from chronic pain, who falls victim to a broken system while seeking treatment at the VA. At his Read the rest

Multiple News Sources Honored Veteran Heroes

Multiple news sources spoke with Veterans and Young Marines at the Pearl Harbor Remembrance hosted by the WE CAN BE HEROES FOUNDATION. These heroes take an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies. Their

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Movie of the Week Dec 31, 2023


Meet the ones who made history in America’s forgotten war. Historically based story of the comradeship between Naval Officer Aviators Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner during the Korean War. Available to rent, purchase or stream on most Read the rest

Movie of the Week Dec 10, 2023

The Innocence Files

A must see!  The Netflix documentary that unravels the deceit by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in a series of wrongful convictions, exposing the injustice inflicted on victims and the falsely accused.  Click here for Read the rest

Giving Tuesday – Help Youth Learn History

November 28, 2023, celebrates GIVING TUESDAY when the world comes together to support charitable causes and kicks off December as the NATIONAL GIVING MONTH for end-of-year charitable giving.  At a time dedicated to generosity and kindness, you can help the Read the rest

Movie of the Week Nov 26

Crime + Punishment

Click here to watch free on A documentary with interviews and secretly recorded conversations about the New York Police Department’s on going, yet concealed use of policing quotas, and their effects of the residents Read the rest