John Birch, lifetime hero extraordinaire, served as a Missionary, and World War II Air Force Captain.  John Birch assisted the infamous Colonel Jimmy Doolittle, and created an American intelligence network that helped save countless survivors of World War II.

John Birch was a courageous Baptist missionary who went to China in 1940. When Colonel Jimmy Doolittle led the famous World War II bombing raid on Tokyo, John was brought to the survivors and he helped them to safety, then volunteered, creating an intelligence network that saved countless American lives.

He earned the rank of Captain in the 14th Air Force, as well as numerous commendations, including the Legion of Merit. Ten days after the war officially ended, Captain Birch was brutally killed by Chinese Communists.

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Captain John Birch is the namesake of the John Birch Society. Robert Welch, prominent founder of the Society, discovered that the U.S. government had covered up Birch’s death, and was impressed by Birch’s ideals and his character.  Welch requested permission of George and Ethel Birch (John’s parents) to place John’s name on the organization he was going to create. They agreed and immediately became Life members.

Thank you, John Birch, for your extraordinary service to the whole wide world.  Rest in peace.

Nominated by Ketih McCurdy.