On January 5, 2016 SFC Matthew Q McClintock was KIA by small arms fire in an all day fire fight with the Taliban in Marjah District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Earlier in the day a teammate was wounded with life threatening wounds, SFC McClintock–a Special Forces (Green Beret) operator took the lead in three separate attempts to clear a Landing Zone (LZ) for a medevac helicopter. The first two attempts resulted with the first helicopter crash landing within the walls of the Special Forces compound and the second helicopter tried on three occasions to land but the lead pilot was wounded and returned to base before they crashed and became a liability. The third helicopter attempt was cut short when the crew chief was wounded. On the ground during each of these attempted landings SFC McClintock–alone and completely exposed and with total disregard to his own life was clearing each Landing Zone. He faced enemy fire from a 360 degree radius. SFC McClintock survived the first two attempts but on the third attempt–late into the afternoon he was struck down by small arms fire.


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