The Four Chaplains – Click here to watch free on YouTube – 37 minutes.

As the World War II USAT Dorchester went down on February 3, 1943, four Chaplains of different faiths (Catholicism, Judaism, and Protestantism), made the ultimate sacrifice. Together, they prayed and joined arms. They offered their life jackets to others. Dramatic military film footage and survivor interviews recreated this moving World War II story. 

Eighty-one years later, on February 3, 2024, in Jacksonville, FL, the Four Chaplains Annual Memorial Service was presented by  Rev. Archuleta, Chaplain at the National POW-MIA Memorial Chapel of the High-Speed Pass. The Executive Director of the Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation Bill Kaemmer was the keynote speaker. 

Rev. Archuleta presented the Legion of Honor Humanitarian Awards to four community citizens for selfless service to others. Award recipients were: 1) Retired USMC LtCol. Robert Adelhelm, Vets4Vets and Semper Fidelis Society, 2) Kathy Cayton, Navy Wives Club of America, 3) Rafael Santiago, Military Affairs Veterans Service Officer, and 4) Beth Heath, We Can Be Heroes Foundation CEO.  

LAST WEEK – Jan 28, 2024
Lives on the Line – Click here to watch free on YouTube.

This short video is about an Afghanistan war veteran suffering from chronic pain who falls victim to a broken system while seeking treatment at the VA. At his breaking point, he meets a disillusioned VA employee who has seen firsthand the broken promises made to veterans.

As you know, Veterans put their lives on the line for us but their battle does not end when they come home. Instead, our government has Veterans suffering and even dying while waiting for timely health care. The VA could easily provide care they are entitled to receive through our community medical system. Instead, the VA has put up obstacles and bureaucratic roadblocks. Meanwhile, the VA is now abusing and misusing the community care program for unauthorized migrants and non-citizens at the request of border security agencies. This is an atrocious betrayal of veterans who earned that care through their blood, sweat, and countless sacrifices – but find it denied far too often. 

Tell your lawmaker to support the Veterans’ HEALTH Act and the Veteran Care Improvement Act to ensure veterans’ access to community care and that veterans are empowered to control their healthcare options like you can. Excerpts from Concerned Veterans for America (