Citizen Four

Click here to watch free on for the first time or refresh your memory on the dangers of government overreach. After seeing the film, viewers will never think the same way about their phone, e-mail, credit cards, web browser or digital footprint again. Academy Award® winning documentary. Behind-the-scenes encounters with whistle-blower hero Edward Snowden.

The Vanishing Trial

Click here to watch free with a public library card or a university login OR at Roku – select “Streaming Store”. Go to “search” option and enter: the vanishing trial.

Whether innocent or guilty, now you must choose between pleading guilty and receiving a shorter sentence OR going to trial and risk decades behind bars. The Vanishing Trial focus on a few of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who were forced to make this excruciating choice. Each was threatened with the trial penalty and innocent people must plead guilty.

We Can Be Heroes has been providing our readers with information on this devastating loss of our protection of the Constitution Sixth Amendment provisions for our rights to trial. America leads the world in criminalizing its citizens with the political propaganda of being “tough on crime”. To understand the dangers to you of government overreach destroying your rights to defend yourself, read our letter to 64 U.S. House of Representative Judiciary Committee Members by clicking here.

Most Senators and House Representatives received similar requests for an emergency Legislative Pause on unconstitutional government work and funding.

Add your name to tell the Government to STOP Unconstitutional Overreach – click here

Rules for Radicals – The Saul Alinsky Book for Liberals

Click here for the brilliant presentation by retired CAPT Ryman Shoaf that will hold your attention to the end.