Captain Ryman Shoaf

US Navy Retired

Captain Ryman Shoaf is a former U.S. Naval Captain, National War College instructor, radio host, and an Emcee of various military events.  To inquire about availability and fees, please call (904) 614-6992.


America’s Foreign Policy

History of Major Political Parties

National Debt

Mitsuo Fuchida: A Story You Have Never Heard

and much more…

Curtis Bennett

Decorated War Veteran (Desert Shield/Desert Storm - United States Navy)

CS Bennett is a decorated war veteran, author, radio host, speaker, and a columnist for several national online news journals.


The Historical Ties Between The Republican Party & The Black Community

Life at Sea Serving One’s Country

The Plight Of Children Who Are Court Ordered Into Group Homes & Foster Care

The History of The 1860s Radical Republicans & Frederick Douglass

and much more…

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