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The generosity of individuals and organizations within communities across America can help We Can Be Heroes Foundation achieve the needed community outreach for homeless veterans, veteran resources, recognizing unsung heroes in all walks of life throughout America, and hosting educational forums to promote American values. 

As an all-volunteer nonprofit, our administrative costs are exceptionally low, allowing us to achieve maximum results with donations.  Supporters from across the country can host fundraisers in their community or support an event, educational classes, meals for homeless veterans or an event tailored to your desires.    

You can do pretty much anything to help us!  Creating a campaign or an event page at our website is a fantastic way to fund raise.   You can ask for donations, host an class on America’s founding history or the Constitution, run a race, host a dinner party or breakfast with your heroes, or create a workplace fundraiser, or you can even have a car wash or garage sale.  Whatever you enjoy doing, it can be used to help. It only takes a few minutes to set up, so contact beth@wecanbeheroesfoundation.org to sign up today and get the guidelines for registering your fundraising event. 



Join the campaign to recognize and publicize hometown front-line and unsung heroes.  During this time of unrest in our Nation, this campaign is needed more than even to focus on the good works in our communities.  Frequently unnoticed, unsung heroes walk among us and perform vital and lifesaving acts, with little or no mention or recognition. Those outside the immediate circle of the hero are unaware of these inspiring good works.  As good works inspire more good works, our community grows in wholesome deeds.  Our Hero Galas and Tributes to Front-line and Unsung Heroes campaign publicizes the good works and recognizes our Hometown Heroes. 

As these heroes are nominated, their story is blogged on our website.  A Yard Sign that reads “Thank You to the Unsung Hero who Lives Here” and an Invitation to the Heroes Gala is delivered to the Hero from the Sponsors.  The public is invited to attend the ticketed Heroes Gala and Banquet with prominent guest speakers to recognize our hometown heroes and celebrate their good works.  The First Annual Heroes Gala is scheduled for the evening of August 21, 2021 at the UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center 

Recurring Events – click on Events tab.

Classes about America, Her Founding and Values – Click on Education

Homeless Veterans Food Drives – Ongoing with deliveries as foods collected- Click on Ways to Donate

Homeless Veterans Luncheons – Ongoing – Click on Events  


Breakfast with Our Heroes – Sponsorships Available

Pearl Harbor Remembrance – Sponsorships Available

Korean War Remembrance – Sponsorships Available   



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