“For more than two centuries, the U.S. Constitution has served as the framework and the sustaining energy of our American government. Through times of war and peace and countless other challenges, the Constitution continues to strive to “form a more perfect Union” through its articles and amendments. Yet over the past century, this document, beautiful in its profound simplicity, has come under attack from those who consider it obsolete.

The remedy to this disregard for the Constitution is education—an education for citizens in the knowledge required to defend their God-given rights and govern themselves. The Founders knew that such an education would be required to preserve the American experiment of self-government under law. Hillsdale College offers this education—and has since its founding in 1844—to all who cherish their freedom and wish to learn.” (Excerpts from Hilldale College article at https://www.hillsdale.edu/constitution-day/)

Hillsdale College allows the We Can Be Heroes Foundation to offer its wide range of online classes at our website https://wecanbeheroesfoundation.org without a charge. In this 235th year of our Constitution, you may want to explore and share the following Constitution Classes:

We Can Be Heroes Foundation offers the acclaimed crash course How to Protect the Constitution with Lecturer Frankie Anderson. Over the years, many of you have taken and raved about this course. Mrs. Anderson is currently on assignment in St. Johns County as Senior History Teacher. Indeed, this assignment answers prayers for our founding history to be taught in school. We will offer her class again in early Spring 2023. Please send a prayer up for Frankie Anderson’s success and safety as she breaks new ground with these students.

May God bless you and our Constitution.